Foraged wild mushrooms
Foraged wild mushrooms

Foraging is the oldest human method of gathering food. It mainly consists of collecting naturally growing green leaves, flowers, berries, nuts, mushrooms and roots.

The benefits of collecting and eating wild food are many. Foraged food is healthy, ecological, tastes fantastic, and is a joy to collect!

When something grows in a natural environment – without being artificially fertilized, watered and weeded – it has to battle for its place in an ecosystem and is thus usually produces much more micronutrients than farmed produce.

The lack of chemicals involved in the production of wild food, and the fact that it is usually eaten relatively close to where it was found, means that this is an environmentally friendly choice. That is, as long as the forager harvests sustainably by respecting the amount of bounty available relative to Nature’s rates of renewal!

But what I really love about foraging is that it means being out in the woods, the seashore, the hills and meadows, close to the beauty of Nature. When I eat something that I picked and preserved months earlier, the memory of that day comes back with the taste.

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